About me



Hello dear visitor. Welcome to my page.


This website is designated to present professional information about my business/work experience for an opportunity in: Job seeking or partnership in any start-up business.

  • I was born in 1985, in Republic of Moldova, I have also Romanian citizenship.
  • Currently I am based in Dubai, UAE, and actually I am interested in all MENA region where I want evolve further in my life.
  • I am very confident in business areas like: Digital Marketing, Online Sales, Business Development, Business Strategy and Project Management in the Tech environment, but I am open also to another areas new to me, as I think we always need to learn something new, and learning fast and adapting new skills is one of my attus.
  • I am a fresh mind , with a fresh perspective, who will help your company to adapt to fast changes, to improve and find new opportunities, and we all know things are changing very fast and we must keep the pace with those changes. I Also like to look forward, and we must be part of the exponential growth of the internet and technology, who became now a core instrument for the business development and most successful companies know how to manage well this instrument.
  • I want to be part of a great proactive environment and to become that person who is recognized for contribution to the company growth.


Hope we have same mindset and let’s get started.